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Our Soccer Program

Soccer is no longer an emerging sport in the United States of America!

It has arrived as a major sport and enjoys the type of exposure which has long been the staple of the big sports such as American Football, Baseball & Basketball.

The US Collegiate game is regarded as the ideal stepping stone for future professionals. Teams within the Pro Leagues of Major League Soccer, United Soccer League DI & DII all recruit the best young talent from US College teams every year. As in the rest of the world, the competition to become a professional player is fierce!

The American College system is designed in such a way that players are given four years in which to expertly develop their game before being considered ready for the rigours of professional game.

Facilities, coaching standards and the level of competition found within the collegiate game are comparable with the Youth Academy system found in the UK and Europe.

The unique advantage of the US College system is that all the players are given an opportunity to graduate with a professional degree from university, regardless of their continued involvement in the game.

We believe that the US College system provides young aspiring soccer players with the very best preparation required to progress their soccer careers whilst maintaining an eye on the bigger picture! A career after the game!

Our experienced consultants have expertise in all areas of the game and will provide you with the support you need Before, During & After your career in the United States.

Our Soccer Service

In the first instance we want to know all about YOU?

A personal interview will be scheduled for you and your family to meet with a member of our consultancy staff. This is an ideal opportunity for us to educate you on the process ahead whilst allowing you to tell us about your football & academic background, and furthermore, your hopes for the future.

You will then be invited to attend a rigorous playing assessment at our Training Academy where our staff will work with you in order to establish your suitability for our program.

We want to know all about YOUR career aspirations and where YOU want take YOUR career?

If you are offered a place on our program, then rest assured you will be considered a top prospect for a US Scholarship. We only work with a select few every year and have no interest in a wholesale recruitment strategy. American College Coaches look for quality recommendations and it is our job to make sure you are good enough to carry our reputation forward.

We will design a schedule of work which is individually tailored to your academic and footballing requirements. This will allow us to establish a shortlist of college options which you are comfortable with and which will provide you with a platform to develop your game at a level which is right for you.


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